Born and raised in a warm, Latin environment, Christina spent most of her childhood years with her mum and dad in Venezuela, until her dad passed away when she was 10 and her life got turned upside down. Some luggage and a lot of flights later, she found herself living with her mother in a tiny little town in the top north of Norway, as far north as you can imagine.

Learning a new language called Norwegian, adapting to a very different culture, basically polar opposite culture than the Latino one, and getting used to elks, reindeers, empty roads, freezing temperatures and dark winters (it’s so far north that in the winter time the sun vanishes completely), it was all quite the culture shook. It brought some big challenges for her, but at the same time it taught her a lot as she observed and learned from it.

All those lessons made her have a better understanding and compassion for people, and the obstacles and inner problems they might be going through, which has inspired her to write screenplays with rich characters and story lines. “It has also been a growth process of my own” – she adds. “Being able to be truthful to yourself and face, accept and repair any issues that are blocking you from achieving what you want, is very enriching and liberating”.

Christina moved to Los Angeles from Norway to pursue her passion for writing, comedy and acting. And as moves along you can see her perform Stand Up comedy in comedy clubs all around Los Angeles. She tells stories of her own life that makes you laugh out loud. She’s truthful and honest, and charmingly corky and playful. Relationship issues, cultural confusions, language barriers and much more are what you can get from watching her live.

She’s a charismatic comedic actress as well, and you can see her in action both in movies as well as in sketches and digital series online. “I try my very best to entertain in everything I do, I want people to laugh and relax and have a good time” – she says.